About ACIM

A Course in Miracles is a universal, metaphysical, self-study program of spiritual psychology. It uses Christian terminology, but it is not affiliated with any religion. It is a program that allows one to see things in new ways, to expand awareness, and to shift out of an egoic mindset to enjoy a more peaceful life.

My own practice has led to the release of doubt, fear, regret, worry, and anxiety. It has improved my relationships immeasurably. My husband will vouch for this! It has created a constant stream of peace and happiness in my life.

The course is comprised of 3 volumes:

  • a text

  • a workbook

  • a manual for teachers

Often they are combined into one book.

There are many different editions of the Course. None is right or wrong, but different versions resonate with different people.

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Theresa McGallicher

Theresa McGallicher

About Me

This work is not about credentials, but here is some background on me:

  • B.A. Old Dominion University, 1981

  • Student of ACIM since 1988

  • M.A. Boston University, 1995

  • Yoga practitioner since 2001

  • 1st Degree Reiki certification 2003

  • Tai Chi practitioner since 2014

  • Minister of God Certification, Teachers of God Foundation, 2015

  • Coach, Andy Dooley’s Deliberate Activation Club, 2018-2019

  • ACIM Study Group Facilitator, Texas Yoga Center, 2019

    High5 Strengths:

    Deliverer (takes responsibility and follows through)

    Philomath (curious and loves to learn new things)

    Optimist (brings positive spirit)

    Believer (uncompromising)

    Storyteller (communicates messages)

  • Enneagram - Type 1

  • Myers Briggs - ESFJ

    I am living the “Happy Dream” - you can too!

More Info:

Although I was a student of ACIM for 25 years, read the book, and went to study groups, nothing much changed in my life.

I didn’t understand how to “do” it. Once I did, EVERYTHING shifted.

This is the same experience that you can have!

Life is meant to be an adventure, not a struggle.

NO ONE needs to suffer….

How much is your happiness worth?

  I am your personal Happiness Coach!