Miracle #20 - Let All Things Be Exactly As They Are

Photo credit:  Seth Macey

Photo credit: Seth Macey

Yesterday started off awry and went kind of crazy from there.

I was up several times during the night with my dog, Ziggy, who needed to go outside.  I awoke in the morning feeling tired, and had just enough time to get dressed, record my daily ACIM lesson in my journal, and grab a cup of coffee before I had to dash off to my Tai Chi class.

My daughter mentioned to me that she planned to stay after school for a study group, and asked me to pick her up at 4:30. 

After Tai Chi I had a morning of errands with no breakfast and no shower - the drugstore, the dry cleaners, the supermarket.

Finally, I got home, put away my groceries and dry cleaning, and sat down for a snack when my husband walked in the door. He had left work early to get our daughter's car inspected.

He drove off to the inspection station while I packed up my Ebay sales for the day. I finished about 4:00, when my husband called. 

He informed me that the car did not pass inspection, and that he planned to take it 30 miles away to the Ford dealership. He wanted me to drop everything and come pick him up.

I agreed, then looked at my watch and realized that I also needed to get to the post office before they closed at 5:00 with my packages, and pick my daughter up from school at 4:30. 

As I drove to the post office, I noticed that I felt stressed and pressured.

All I wanted to do was take a shower, and suddenly I had 3 other things to do at the same time instead.

I thought about how everyone wanted me to meet their needs, and I couldn't take care of my own business. I realized that I was sliding into "victim mode". I noticed that my thoughts were causing my mood to slip, and I decided to shift my perception. 

  • I consciously tried to choose positive thoughts.

  • I counted my blessings. I admired the birds, trees, flowers, and clouds that I passed on my drive.

  • I mentally sent blessings to other drivers that I passed.

I felt my resistance to my situation subside a bit as I shifted from a mindset of tension to one of appreciation.

I asked the Holy Spirit to let me see things differently and reminded myself that "all things work together for good". I remembered to trust in God's plan instead of trying to solve everything myself. 

As I pulled into the post office parking lot I received a text message from my daughter.  

It turned out that the library was closed, so she was unable to work on her project. She said:  "I'll be coming home on the bus. You don't need to pick me up."

I carried my packages into the post office and as I got back into my car, my husband called. The Ford dealership had told him that our daughter's car didn't need any work to pass inspection, but just needed to be driven more so that the on-board diagnostic computer could sync up with the engine. He said: I hope you haven't left to get me yet, because I'm just going to drive myself back home."

I hadn't consciously attempted to change my situation by changing my thoughts.

It had not even occurred to me that I could manifest a different situation in my external world by changing my mind.

Yet, because I opted for peace of mind above all other concerns, the Holy Spirit rearranged events so that I could go home and take my shower! 

Thank you, Holy Spirit

A happy outcome to all things is sure. - Workbook Lesson 292