Miracle #2 - I Already Have Everything I Need


Yesterday I made the commitment to put Source first in everything I do by asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. I'm trying to consciously keep my thoughts focused on God and his will. 

My biggest issue with trusting the Holy Spirit concerns finances. I always think I have to work and earn an income so I don't end up out in the street. 

Even though I have sometimes experienced the flow of money and things coming to me just when I needed them, it still seems difficult to let go of that control. 

I set out this morning for my weekend round of garage and yard sale thrifting, in search of things to resell on eBay. Whenever I felt my mind wander, I sang this song by Donna Marie Cary to myself:

I don't know what anything is for,
I give it the meaning it has for me.
I don't understand anything I see,
I give it the meaning it has for me.

I found a few books and toys and made my way back to the house again. 

Logged onto my computer and found that I had made this sale while I was out:

$139.99 for a new-with-tags Eileen Fisher Merino Lambswool Cardigan. 

That a friend gave me.

That she found in the dumpster at her apartment complex.

Thank you, Holy Spirit.

A Sense of Separation from God is the Only Lack You Really Need Correct.  

- Text - Chapter 1, Section VI