Miracle #32 - Time And Space Are Part Of The Illusion

Photo credit:  David Beale

Photo credit: David Beale

After three weeks of travelling across the country (twice!) in November, I returned home exhausted and jet-lagged. I not only slept all night but part of the next day.

I had 14 eBay sales while I was gone that needed packing, and by the time I had them ready to go to the post office, it was Sunday afternoon.

My plan was to drive down to Virginia Beach to see my mom sing in the Christmas cantata at her church at 7:00 pm.

I would also retrieve my dog, Ziggy, that mom had cared for in my absence, spend the night, mail my eBay packages on Monday morning, and drive home.

Just as I was about to depart, my son came to me and said he needed to talk.

He was upset because he had realized at the very end of the semester that he was probably going to fail his Accounting class. He told me that even if he aced the final, he was not likely to pass the class. 

I was torn - I needed to get on the road but I also want to be there for my son.

What to do?

I told him that we needed to sit down and do a worksheet on his blockage.

It seemed that no matter how hard he tried in school, and how well he did on his exams, that he somehow always screwed things up.

He was demoralized that he had still not figured out the secret to academic success after more than 4 years of college. My purpose was not to impose some spiritual practice on him, but to be truly helpful. 

We went through Diederick Wolsak's Choose Again Exercise and he identified a memory from his early childhood where he felt powerless and ineffective.

He saw where he had continually repeated this pattern of creating situations in life where he felt powerless and ineffective.

He forgave himself for believing this mistaken belief about himself.

By this time nearly an hour had gone by, and my mom called to ask how close I was to her house. When I informed her that I had not even left yet, she was extremely disappointed and annoyed, insisting that I would miss her concert. 

I felt my stomach lurch as the ego want to make me guilty for not pleasing her, but I quickly dismissed it.

I was going to do my best and if that wasn't good enough, it wasn't meant to be. I would not try to make things go "my way" but instead "go with the flow".

I climbed into my car and headed to Virginia Beach at 3:00 pm.

I have never made the trip in under 5 hours and often it takes 6 or 7 hours if the traffic is bad.

I flew down the highway keeping pace with the traffic, but not passing anyone, and listening to an Abraham Hicks CD while I drove. I blessed other drivers on the road. It almost felt as though I were riding on a magic carpet - I hit every green light on the way, sped through the Hampton Roads tunnel (which is normally backlogged), and had new lanes open up just when I got to bottlenecks. 

I arrived at the church where my mom was scheduled to perform at exactly 7:00!

I ran to the front of the church and plopped down in the front row, where she would be sure to see me.

The cantata was lovely, and afterward a gourmet reception followed. I was grateful, since I had eaten no dinner. 

During the cantata my son texted, asking me to call him. When I returned his call later, I learned that his Accounting professor had sent a message out to the entire class.

The email stated that the final exam would replace any exam with a low score that been taken during the semester! 

My decision to help my son (and extend love) over pleasing my mom (and caving to the ego's desire to allay guilt) resulted in benefit for all:  my son, my mom, and myself! 

Truly, miracles happen when we lean not on our own understanding but allow the Holy Spirit to guide us

Thank You, Holy Spirit

The miracle is the only device at your immediate disposal for controlling time - Miracle Principle #48