Miracle #37 - You Are Too Bound To Form And Not To Content

Photo credit:  freestocks.org

Photo credit: freestocks.org

Several years ago when A Course of Love by Mari Perron came out there was a big debate about it my ACIM study group. 

Our group facilitator had strong opinions about it! 

She started to read it and found passages that were the same as those in A Course in Miracles

She told all of us that it was -- the horror! -- plagiarized.

"Wait a minute", I said, "didn't Mari Perron channel this work from Jesus? If so, then isn't Jesus the real author of BOTH books? And if both books had the same author, then it wouldn't be plagiarism, would it?"

My logic was lost on her. She was convinced that Mari Perron, a former ACIM student, was committing some atrocity by advertising the book as a sequel to ACIM. 


A Course in Miracles teaches us that it is the content that matters - not the form. 

If the message is loving, kind, sincere, encouraging, and inspirational, then it has value.

The person delivering the message is irrelevant. 

Our group facilitator was so incensed by the ACOL situation that she worked herself into a frenzy. She developed all kinds of physical symptoms -- like an allergy to lettuce. This went on for weeks, while she made rounds with all her doctors. 

She seemed incapable of realizing that she was doing it to herself. 

Finally, her husband shared some wisdom with her:  the truth needs no defense. 

Aha! Something that made ACIM more valuable than ACOL in her mind, and gave her the chance to bow out of the fight gracefully. 

She let go of her need to declare what was right and what was wrong.

Miraculously, her physical symptoms disappeared as well. 

When we have attack thoughts, whether they are directed at people, situations, or ideas, we only hurt ourselves. Letting go of those thoughts is what forgiveness as taught by ACIM is all about. 

Thank You, Holy Spirit

Here is the gift of healing, for the truth needs no defense, and therefore no attack is possible. - ACIM Workbook Lesson 107