Miracle #38 - All Minds Are Joined

Photo credit:  Elijah O'Donnell

Photo credit: Elijah O'Donnell

About two years ago my husband developed a habit of watching the news after he climbed into bed. It was always BAD news, and the commentators arguing with one another annoyed me to no end. 

I would be in the bathroom getting ready for bed, listening to the sounds coming from the bedroom, and getting tense. My thoughts went like this:

  • Why does he have to listen to that crap?

  • Why won't he change the channel?

  • Why doesn't he choose something I like?

It is never productive to ask "why" in these situations. 

I decided to employ the lessons of A Course in Miracles and changed my mind about the situation. 

I tried tuning the sound of the news out.

I tried telling myself that it didn't matter.

I still felt annoyed.

Then, I decided to consciously focus on my love and appreciation for my husband, instead.

I thought about how he had worked hard all day, commuted for two and a half hours, and ought to be able to relax however he pleased before bedtime. 

A strange thing happened after a few days of this - he switched the channel and began watching Westerns every night! 

Wow, I thought! That's an improvement. 

But after about a week of listening to cowboys shooting and killing each other in the other room, I found myself getting aggravated again. 

I continued my gratitude practice, focusing all of my attention on my own thoughts and feelings, determined to repeat my lesson - God's will for me is perfect happiness - and not get distracted. 

Another strange thing happened - my husband switched to the SoundScapes music channel! 

I swear, I never said a word to him.....

He has not stopped listening to relaxing music before bedtime since then. 

And I have not stopped believing in miracles. 

Thank You, Holy Spirit

Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. - ACIM Text, Chapter 21