Miracle #42 - How the Holy Spirit Brought Me True Love

Photo credit:  Sharon McCutcheon

Photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon

As soon as I was old enough to hear stories about Prince Charming, I started

dreaming about my own knight in shining armor.

Every time I passed a wishing well as a kid, I threw a coin in and wished for a boyfriend.

As a young woman I dated and kissed a lot of frogs.

The ego is all about seeking and not finding.

After numerous failed relationships I had an epiphany: I didn’t know how to pick the right man.

I thought I was lacking something, and therefore kept hooking up with men that I thought could complete me.

The problem with finding your “better half” is that two incomplete people end up together. A healthy relationship requires two whole people.

This erroneous strategy combined with my ticking biological clock had resulted in a lot of poor decisions.

The belief that my true love would solve all my problems so that I could live happily ever after was so ingrained that I never even questioned that story until I was 30 years old.

After yet another long-term relationship ended in heartbreak, I decided to do something radically different: just be happy without a man.

I didn’t know how, but I did know that my previous efforts had failed and it was time to try something else.

It had never really occurred to me that I could be happy as a single woman. I had no role model for that.

The ego tries to convince us that outer circumstances are needed for happiness and love. The Holy Spirit says we already have everything we need.

I handed my situation over to the Holy Spirit.

Within 6 months of my decision I met my husband, and a month later he proposed. We were married a year after that…..and that was 26 years ago.

Happiness is our birthright, and love is what we are. We don’t need to rearrange ourselves and the world. We just need to relax and trust that God will take care of us. Until we are open to that possibility, no miracles can get in!

Thank You, Holy Spirit

Be you glad that you are told where happiness abides, and seek no longer elsewhere. — Chapter 29, Section VII