Miracle #46 - Destined To Meet

Photo credit:  Nicole Honeywill

Photo credit: Nicole Honeywill

Dolores kept crossing my path.

When I first moved to Virginia, I volunteered at the Loudoun Interfaith Food Pantry. Since I didn’t know anyone it seemed like a good way to connect with like-minded people. One lady named Dolores was especially friendly. We were on the same shift and saw each other regularly for about a year.

Soon afterwards I walked into a store and there was Dolores! We recognized one another and chatted a bit.

The following year I started a coupon blog, posting deals at stores in Loudoun County. Imagine my surprise when Dolores began leaving comments on my website! It turned out that she was an avid couponer, and had landed on my page while Googling deals, then recognized my photo on the bio page.

When I posted about dumpster diving, she messaged me to say that she also had some great finds from dumpster dives that I might like to sell in my eBay store.

I became a regular visitor at her home, collecting packing materials and dumpster finds that she wanted to rescue from landfills. We got to be friends and I learned that we shared an interest in spirituality and metaphysics.

I told her about Lisa Natoli’s 40-Day program for Transformation and how it had changed my life. I mentioned that it was only offered a few times a year, but was about to start soon, and was free. 

She decided to sign up and try it. I didn’t hear much from her for a while, but it turned out that all kinds of shifts and miracles were taking place!

Just as she completed the program I hosted a potluck party at my home for friends from my Unity Church and A Course in Miracles group, and invited her to come. She ended up joining our ACIM study group and attending faithfully, making new friends, and experiencing more miracles.

One day she called me upset because she had learned that the city intended to build a 24-hour gas station right next to her patio!

She was convinced that it was going to be loud and horrible and ruin her quality of life. She was angry and upset and strategizing how to stop it.

I listened, and then suggested we talk through Diederik Wolsak’s “Choose Again” exercise. She calmed down a bit.

That was 4 years ago and the gas station is just now under construction but has not yet opened for business.

Dolores could have spent 4 years upset, angry, and suffering over the invasion of big business into her backyard, but instead she learned to see peace. She learned to be still and trust in God. She learned to watch her thoughts and catch herself when they turned into judgments that would only lead to suffering.

In the process, she blessed me with her friendship and many, many gifts.

I can’t help but feel that it was my destiny to meet Dolores, and that it was her destiny to find A Course in Miracles through me.

Thank You, Holy Spirit

Those who are to meet will meet, because together they have the potential for a holy relationship. They are ready for each other. -- ACIM Manual for Teachers

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