Miracle #7 - I Do Not Know What Anything Is For

Photo credit:  Mathieu Turle

Photo credit: Mathieu Turle

While I was at the summer retreat in Maine sponsored by the Teachers of God Foundation I met Calico Hickey.

We were talking about tithing and she mentioned how she has been giving her tithe more and more to individuals that inspire her, rather than organizations.

I was so inspired by her, that when I got home I decided to send my next tithe to her. 

I learned during the 40 Day Transformation Program that a tithe is a way of showing gratitude for what you have received by putting gifts back into the “system”.

It should not be an obligation, a giving-in-hopes-to-get, or a donation to charity, but a way of staying in the flow.

You acknowledge the positive energies that encourage you by supporting them with a portion of your blessings.

That propels them to keep going and inspire others! 

Here is the way that I tithe:  I wait until I have a nice chunk of money in my Paypal account from my eBay sales. I leave enough back to cover fees, refunds, and other business expenses. Then I transfer the bulk to my bank account, and send 10% of that amount to whoever I want to support that month.

Each month it is someone different, and it is exciting choosing where to send it! 

While I was at the Summer Retreat I had awesome sales, even though my eBay store was "on vacation".

Once I had my sales packed up and had paid for all the shipping labels, there was nearly $600 left in Paypal.

I sent $500 to my bank and then I went to send $50 to Calico. When I googled her, I found a video of hers posted on a site called Choose Happy Thoughts with a donate button, so I clicked the button and transferred the money.  

Imagine my surprise when I awoke the next morning to find an effusive message of thanks on Facebook from someone named Melissa Chavez!

It turns out that Melissa Chavez is a licensed Course in Miracles minister who runs the Choose Happy Thoughts website, and that Calico occasionally posts there.

Okay, I said to myself - I thought I was going to send my tithe to Calico, but the Holy Spirit clearly had other plans, since it went elsewhere! 

The following week I had more amazing sales and was able to send my next tithe to Calico.

Yesterday, I decided to look over Melissa's website and learn more about her.

I listened to her talk in a video about an on-line program that she was offering called Allow Yourself This Love.

It sounded awesome but I hesitated over the $35 fee, since my Paypal balance was low.

I wanted to register, but I decided to wait until I had made a few more sales. 

Today, I received a Facebook message from Melissa out of the blue that invited me to join the program at no charge since I had recently made a donation!!  

How about them apples?!

A Course in Miracles says that we do not know what anything is for.

The ego is all about deciding what things are for and trying to make them go our way.

About being right.

About forcing things.

To let go of the ego is to accept whatever happens without resistance.

To understand that there is a higher purpose and it is not our job to figure that purpose out.

Our job is only to be a facilitator of God's will, as he makes it known to us through the Holy Spirit.

In the past I would have fretted over my "mistake" of sending money to the "wrong" person.

I would have tried to "fix" the situation and make it right.

I would have felt bad about how I screwed up.

I would have had any number of thoughts that would have made me lose my peace. 

This time I actually laughed about the situation.

I thought:  I had a plan, but Holy Spirit had a different plan, so I guess I am along for the ride.

And lo and behold, the ride turned out to be a way to benefit me! 

Thank you, Holy Spirit

Everything is for your own best interests. That is what it is for; that is its purpose; that is what it means. - Workbook Lesson 25

Theresa McGallicher