Work with Me

I am a daily accountability partner for the Lessons of A Course in Miracles.

I offer personalized attention, commitment to your happiness, and dedication to your spiritual practice.

I have a wealth of experience and familiarity with numerous resources to encourage your success.

As your mind gradually unwinds and shifts focus, you will experience miracles.

Photo credit:  Diego PH

Photo credit: Diego PH



What is a miracle?

A miracle is an expression of love that happens naturally when thought blockages are removed. It involves a shift in perception and results in correction and grace.

What do you do?

I connect daily by phone for 15 minutes to read from A Course in Miracles, answer questions, provide encouragement, and share miracles.

What can I expect to happen?

You can expect to see positive changes in the way you see the world, your life, and the people in it. You can expect people and situations that cause you anxiety and upset to drift away. You can expect to gradually feel happier and more peaceful. YOU CAN EXPECT MIRACLES.

Everyone is different and has a different experience, but here are some actual results that I have observed with previous “prayer partners”:

  • Weight loss of 30 pounds

  • More affectionate marriage with a distant partner

  • Financial windfall of $30,000

  • Sudden love for a family member who was previously despised

  • Depression lifted

  • Free beautiful housing overlooking the Pacific ocean

  • Leaving two toxic part time jobs to start a home-based business

  • Winning $10,000 at a casino

  • Feeling happier than ever before

How does it work?

There are three factors in the process:

  • The first is your commitment to try something different.

  • The second is my dedication to your happiness and to your spiritual practice.

  • The third is the effect of the Holy Spirit, upon seeing the opening in your mind, to deliver miracles.

What does it cost?

I charge $5000 per month for daily support and encouragement. Our 15 minute connection for 30 days adds up to at least 450 minutes per month of personalized and undivided attention. After the first month, you have the option to cancel, or continue month by month. No other coach offers this kind of one-on-one dedicated spiritual coaching.

My experience with this practice is that it is more effective than therapy, pills, alcohol, food, massage, or other things that people spend money on to make themselves feel temporarily better — and that it has a lasting effect.

My fee is non-refundable for a very good reason: once you make the financial commitment, you will be more willing to commit your time and energy to the process, thus guaranteeing results.

What about confidentiality?

I will respect and protect your privacy, unless you give permission for me to share miracles that may occur!

  I am your personal Happiness Coach!